Sit on the deck of the Two Oceans Restaurant at Cape Point and you could be lulled into thinking you were relaxing on an ocean liner with the sea spread out before you.

Since opening in December 1995, the Two Oceans Restaurant, Cape Point’s longstanding eatery, has reliably served the ravished – and often wind-whipped and rosy-cheeked – masses before and after their journey to the pinnacle of one of South Africa’s greatest natural wonders. But even after 22 years and 4 million customers (and counting), the establishment is still fresh-faced, and full of life.

An airy, stylish interior that summons thoughts of salty beach days and elegant Mediterranean seaside living has resulted in one of the most stylish seaside restaurants in the Cape, reaffirming the importance of this location as a major tourist attraction.

It is all of these elements that have been the inspiration behind the new features. Innovative yet subtle the design ensures that all guests are able to enjoy the stunning views of this unique location – a view that is unrivalled and entices visitors from all over the world.